Established in 1989,Jiangyin marine Valve Co.,Ltd ob-tained ma
rine valves license issued by China,s Shipping Industry Company in 19
92.Since then,it has begun to pro-duce marine valves to form a comple
te set for the shipping industry,which pass the examination and accep
tance by China,s Shipping Surveying Bureau.At present,the com-pany le
ads domestically in designing high-tech and high-quality stainless st
eel,copper valves and their accessories.
   Situated at Changshou Town of the Golden Estuary of The Yangtze
River,it enjoys exquisite geographical ad-vantage and convenient tran
sportation with Shanghai,Wuxi,Changzhou,the Yangtze River to its east
,south,west,north respectively.

   In accordance with the standards of ISO9001 Quality Sys-tem,the
company organizes the production and management.Is has a product lin
e involving casting,metal pro-cessing and tesing equipments,etc.In ad
d it ion,the com-pany asopts many marine standatds-American Standard
s,Japanese Standards,Foreign trade Standards.

   The major products of the company are more than 300 kinds invol
ving all sorts of marine flanges,screw cast cop-per & iron,stainless
steel stop valves,stop and check valves,check valves,brake valves,bu
tterfly valves and so on.The company also makes products for pipe ac
cess ories such as GB,CB,CBM air pipe joint for ship use,at the same
time,it form a complete set for ventilation butterfly vaves of air co
nditioning in the warship.